SimAudio 780D MiND2


Our reference DAC redefines the listening experience in every possible sense. As the state-of-the-art, the MOON 780D reaches the pinnacle of digital audio playback.

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MiND 2 streaming module

MiND 2 (MOON intelligent Network Device) is a fabulous way of streaming and listening to your music. MiND 2 is Roon Ready and allows the playback of all the most common file formats, including DSD, and MQA file formats (via local files and TIDAL Master files).

  • 9 digital inputs including USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF, Optical, Qualcomm® aptXTM audio for Bluetooth®, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
  • Power supply using new MOON Hybrid Power (MHP) for exceptionaly stable, ultra low noise DC output.
  • Femto second (vs pico second) clock resulting in much lower jitter and consequently lower distortion.
  • 12 stages of DC voltage regulation which includes 2 stages of M-LoVo (MOON Low Voltage Regulation) and 4 stages of i 2 DCf (Independant Inductive DC Filtering).
  • On-board programmable software for customization of the end-user interface.
  • Fully compatible with MOON 820S external power supply.

For MOON 780D equipped with MiND 2:

  • ROON Ready device
  • Tidal Masters, Deezer Hi-Fi and Qobuz Sublime+ Music Services
  • MQA decoding
  • Multi-room synchronized playback