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Made in France in Focal’s workshops, the Chora Center speaker is equipped with an Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter and two Midrange/Bass speaker drivers featuring the Slatefiber cone. Thanks to these exclusive Focal technologies, it reproduces dialogues, voices and all other “front” film sound effects with an exceptional clarity and level of detail! A whisper, a hummed tune, a cry of joy or anger, or birdsong … you won’t miss a thing, and everything will spark your emotion.
Available in three finishes, Chora Center can be installed on an optional dedicated stand, or positioned directly on your TV unit. A base supplied with the loudspeaker also guarantees an improved sound image for even better immersion.

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Our technical expertise and industrial mastery enable us to offer music lovers a generation of leading loudspeakers within their price range. Chora embodies the mastery of the overall design process, and is confirmation that, now more than ever, the manufacturing of affordable products demands an investment in high-performance production tools. Benefiting from technological advances developed for the Utopia III range, such as the inverted dome tweeter, the Chora line incorporates a brand new Focal technology for its midrange and bass speaker drivers: the Slatefiber cone, a composite sandwich cone made from thermoplastic polymer with recycled non-woven carbon fibers. Manufactured in our workshops in France, this cone boasts the beautiful “slate” effect, for even better damping, rigidity and lightness, the “essentials” of a good speaker driver. Alongside the TNF Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter with its silky treble, the Slatefiber woofers deliver powerful bass and midrange a lot of precision. Finally, thanks to the tilt of the loudspeaker stand, Time Alignment provides an optimal soundstage, more focused on the listener. Every detail of the Chora’s appearance has been carefully thought out and meticulously designed. In addition to a sleek, modern design, the line presents a choice of three on-trend finishes to satisfy all tastes and to blend seamlessly into interior living spaces. With Chora, there is no shortage of sound and visual harmony for a quality listening experience in your own home, and a true High-Fidelity experience.

The TNF Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter


The surround linking the dome to its stand uses a memory foam material called Poron. This surround is directly derived from the Utopia’s famous Beryllium tweeter and reduces distortion by a third between 2,000Hz and 3,000Hz, the ear’s high-sensitivity range. The spatialisation and very low directionality of the inverted dome allow silky trebles to be heard from any point in your listening room.

The Slatefiber cone


Slatefiber technology, exclusive to Focal, involves the use of recycled, non-woven carbon fibres applied as a sandwich between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. In their quest for perfection, Focal engineers have opted to use non-woven carbon fibres, all pointing in the same direction to achieve even greater rigidity and better damping.
Manufactured in the Focal workshops using an ultra-modern industrial tool, the “slate” effect of the cone provides better damping and rigidity, but also lightness – the three “essentials” of a good speaker driver.


The Chora range offers a modern design, the slate colour of the Slatefiber cone adding a final refined, authentic touch.
The stand (optional) is tilted for Time Alignment which provides an optimal soundstage, more focused on the listener.


Chora is available in three finishes: BlackLight Wood and Dark Wood. On-trend colours that blend into different interiors and lend them a unique aesthetic signature.