Energizer Smart Wifi Plug


Make your home outlets smart with the Energizer® Connect Smart Plug. Easily control one or multiple outlets from a singular smart device. With this device you can turn off forgotten appliances even when you’re not home. This can help cut down on unnecessary power usage and protect against hazardous power related incidents. Set up scheduled commands to turn on certain appliances such as a coffee pot in the morning or lights for the evening. Give yourself more control over your home with the Energizer® Connect Smart Plug.

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Add Voice Control to any outlet or even multiple!

  • Remote Access – Control and monitor plugged in devices from anywhere
  • Voice Control – Works with Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant
  • Automation – Can be activated by select Energizer® Connect devices
  • Scheduling – Create schedules to turn your smart plug on and off
  • Protection – Remotely turn off accidentally left on plugged in devices
  • WiFi – Use your existing WiFi, no hub required