Fiio X5 III


Android-based Touch Screen High-Res Player. Dual SD Card slot, WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled.

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FiiO X5 3rd Gen Hi-Res Certified Lossless Music Player

  • The X5 3rd gen, following in the footseps of FiiO’s flagship DAP, also offers two modes of operation — Pure Music Mode and Android mode. In Pure Music Mode, only the main music player is available. No other apps run for smoother operation and a purer sound. In Android mode, a users are free to install and run any to their needs. By offering these two can satisfy both the music purists and those who need more versatility.
  • Utilizes two dual-channel OPA1642 chips for its low-pass filtering stage and a custom-made audiophile-grade OPA426 chip for amplification, providing greater power output (up to 300mW under a 320 load) and greater ability to deal with capacitive loads
  • Contains both 32GB of built—in storage a and two external micro SD card slots. Since each micro SD card slot supports up to 25668 cards, the X5 3rd gen is able to carry up to a whopping 544GB of music — enough to store up to 130,000 songs.
  • The X5 3rd gen has two headphone outputs – one single-ended, the other balanced. This allows the new X5 to cater to fans of either headphone output type.
  • Equipped with two top-of-the-line AKM AK4490EN DACs, one for each channel. The AK4490EN is a part of a new generation of high-quality 32-bit DACs that supports all PCM and DSD formats