Product Repair & Maintenance

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Product Repair & Maintenance

In these days of disposable everything, finding a top-quality electronics repair shop can be difficult. At PEAK Audio Video, we believe it’s an essential service to offer. PEAK’s on-site Repair Department services most electronics.* Our service technician has more than thirty years of experience fixing just about anything with a plug.

So whether it’s an older tube amplifier or a current AV receiver, we can get it back up and running for you at a reasonable rate. All the work is done right here at our famous Agricola Street location.

How it works

When you drop off an item for repair, we collect a deposit of $35 + HST to cover the estimate. We’ll let you know how much the repair is going to cost, and the deposit will be applied to the repair should you decide to go ahead.

Repair Rates

Extensive cleaning of older amplifiers: $120 + HST
Mounting and balancing of cartridge: $35 + HST
Standard hourly rate: $70/hour + HST

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*Except Crosley turntables — but we CAN replace your needle!