Product Repair & Maintenance

Product Repair & Maintenance

In these days of disposable everything finding an HONEST, top-quality electronics repair shop can be difficult.

At PEAK Audio Video we believe it’s an essential service to offer. PEAK’s on-site Repair Department services most electronics.*

Our service technician has more than thirty years of experience fixing just about anything with a plug. After thousands and thousands of successful repairs we can handle it or at least tell you exactly why it can’t be fixed (usually parts that can no longer be sourced).

So whether it’s an older tube amplifier or a current AV receiver, we can get it back up and running for you at a reasonable rate.

From your dad’s old turntable to the highest end six-figure components, all of the work is done right here at our famous north-end Agricola Street location.

How it works

When you drop off an item for repair, we collect a deposit of $35 + HST for each and every individual component to cover our time to complete an estimate.

Our normal turnaround time for an estimate is 4-7 business days depending on our backlog of work.

At that time our technician will email you and let you know exactly what is wrong, what, if any, parts are required and how much the total repair is going to cost. The deposit amount will be deducted from the repair should you decide to go ahead.

Unfortunately, just like your doctor, we are unable to provide any estimates, ballparks, or educated guesses as to what’s wrong or how much it might cost over the phone or in person until our technician has completed his assessment.

We offer a 30-day warranty on any work we have performed. If you should have any issues once you get your unit home we will look at the unit and if it is determined that something has gone wrong with the initial complaint we will cover the costs of re-doing the repair. If it is discovered that the unit has additional issues not related to the work performed or the initial complaint we will let you know what we have found and try to resolve the issue as directly and inexpensively as possible.

Repair Rates

Standard hourly rate: $70/hour + HST

Mounting and balancing of cartridge: $35 + HST

Contact our Repair Department at

*Except Televisions and Crosley turntables — but we CAN replace your needle!