Vestaboard – A Smart Display To Connect And Inspire


With Vestaboard, you can inspire family or team members by easily sending messages from anywhere. iOS, Android, and cloud apps for use on any device. Pre-schedule, sync or automate messages.

  • Vestaboard will inspire the people important to you. Not a digital screen.
  • Displays up to 132 characters at a time including all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Backed by a two year warranty and dedicated support. Easy to set up and use.
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Meet the most beautiful messaging display

Howard, Vestaboard has won the Red Dot Award! We are proud to join iconic brands like Apple and Porsche that have been recognized with this award. The Red Dot has symbolized design excellence worldwide since 1955, receiving over 18,000 submissions from 70+ countries every year.

Vestaboard is a way to inspire others like never before



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Beautiful and captivating

Vestaboard creates a focal point and a shared messaging experience that captures attention and enhances any setting every day.


Communicate what matters

No matter where you are, your mobile device controls Vestaboard from anywhere to send messages that make a difference at the right time.

Inspire for good

Bring people together and foster a sense of connection. Keep loved ones or team members energized and in sync.


Send, create and automate


Inspire others, display lists, menus, quotes, patterns, or connect to hundreds of services for automated content.

Messaging as a focal point


Eye-catching communication

Makes a wonderful sound

Vestaboard at home or at work

Whether you want to energize family members or keep your team or guests informed and inspired, Vestaboard will enhance any interior and change up any day with words that move.


Explore our product design

Explore our product design

8,448 Flaps


64 Characters


8 Colors


Inspire Community

Vestaboard donates 1 unit for every 100 sold.



Control with phone or web

Control via mobile, tablet, computer, iOS, Android, cloud app, Alexa, Google Home.


2-year warranty, full support

Get the help you want instantly via phone, web, chat and more.


Easy installation

Customers love our simple setup process. Optional upgrade to white glove installation.