Sony BRAVIA 7 | XR Processor | Mini LED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Google TV)


Extreme brightness, extraordinarily beautiful colours

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Perfectly balanced, entertains everyone brilliantly

Engineered for bright, cutting-edge pictures and cinematic sound, this TV promises superior moments for your family and friends.

Extreme brightness, extraordinarily beautiful colours

Brings out the depth and detail in every scene. With extreme brightness and astonishing contrast, our TV delivers truly exhilarating pictures that are sure to entertain and delight all.

Edge-of-your-seat sound, cinematic and dramatic

Sit back and enjoy expansive cinema-like sound. With two powerful side-mounted speakers reproducing clear sound from the screen, your family and friends will feel like they’re at the cinema.

With BRAVIA Theatre, home becomes cinema

Fill every corner of your room with soul-stirring cinematic sound. Pairing BRAVIA with BRAVIA Theatre brings the emotion and excitement of a movie theatre home, an unmatched audio-visual experience.

Entertainment you love. With help from Google.

Google TV™ brings together movies, shows, and more from across your apps and subscriptions and organizes them just for you.

Love entertainment. Love the planet.

Great pictures and sound should never compromise the environment. We work tirelessly to help reduce our impact on the planet.

Harmonic Presence. Blends in naturally.

Everything in harmony. Our new TV designs grace your living space with shapes, materials, colours and surface treatments that blend beautifully with interior décor, walls and home theatre products.

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55", 65", 75", 85"