Automated Blinds

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    Automated Shades/Blinds

    Along with your air conditioning and heating systems, automated blinds can increase your energy efficiency. While away from home you can have your shades closed to keep the sun out and the cool air inside. Each shade can also be controlled manually using your smart phone. These shades are excellent for creating that elegant, luxurious ambiance anyone would love in their home.


    Motorized blinds or shades are the height of convenience when it comes to your home. Your shades will be smart enough to open and close on their own to control the climate in your home without you having to do anything. Saving you money on your energy bills. We can even integrate motorized shades in those out of reach spots.

    Preset Shades

    Get rid of that constant glare that bothers you everyday at 7:30 by having preset shade levels at specific times. Have your shades and lights compliment each other. Creating the perfect lighting throughout your home at all times.

    Scene Settings

    Whether you are having breakfast, watching tv or having a party, there is a scene for that. With the touch of a button on a smart device or smart switch you can set the scene. With that one click your lighting, shades, music and more can be set to the levels you want based on each scene you have setup.

    Child Safety

    Whether you have children or have guests with children safety is always a concern. No more do you have to worry about kids playing with those dangling strings that can be so dangerous with a curious child.

    Home Security

    A lot of homeowners do not usually relate blinds/shades to home security. However with the added value of the Mock-u-pancy feature your system is able to control blinds/shades while you are not home to ward off any criminals. During a break-in your system can be set to automatically turn on all of your lights, open all of your shades and notify authorities.


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