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    Today’s homes have multitude of connected devices, each requiring bandwidth from your home network. Add to that the increasing reliance on streaming services throughout your home and it becomes abundantly clear that a robust, high-performing home network is critical. Systems provided to you from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) rarely have the coverage required for homes and easily get overwhelmed when more than a few devices are connected at one time. This limitation leads to much frustration from poor speeds, poor coverage, and frequent dropouts.

    Our team of networking experts are here to design you a network which is more reliable, offers faster speeds, and more coverage to remove the frustration of bad internet.

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    Full Coverage

    There is always a room in a home where the internet is slower than the rest. When our network team designs a network, we make sure every room of the home is covered so you always get fast speeds. Our systems can also be designed to include a deck, fire pit, guest house and more.

    High Speeds

    Tired of waiting for a webpage to load or for a video to buffer? Having equipment that is designed to deliver fast internet speeds 24/7 ensures that you won’t be waiting for anything to load.


    Nobody likes having the internet go down and it can be very stressful. Some of our systems include services such as OVrC which is advanced system monitoring tool which fixes most common issues before they happen and notifies you of major issues often before they take place. OVrC also allows our networking team to fix major issues remotely to minimize system downtime if they were to happen.

    Fill out our Wi-Fi form to receive a quote for your new Wi-Fi network


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